Fully managed high performance cloud database solutions

Our fully managed high performance cloud database solutions are for implementing business application without any downtime. Redundant storage, power and networking help protect you from hardware failures. Plus, a dedicated storage cluster with synchronous data replication keeps your data available across multiple storage clusters and helps to protect against data loss.

Our data center. Your cloud.

Dedicated monitoring service

Our experts are available for you any time to manage your infrastructure. You should spend less time managing your infrastructures and more time on your application development. Even the complex features such as backups, high availability, data replication and monitoring are simplified and easy to enable via our Control Panel, API or CLI and they are monitored by competent professionals.

Easy to upgrade

Our database solutions are scalable with single clicks as you can increase the size of storage with just one click, and without any risk posed by traditional database migration. Cloud Databases lets you painlessly add or remove replicas, move between instance sizes up to 64GB of RAM and scale storage up to 1TB (or even higher once requested).

Enhanced performance

Since only the best is good enough for our clients, we will optimise all network components such as storage and hardware configuration of your database to ensure high performance. That’s how much we value you. Container-based virtualisation delivers near bare-metal performance, and high-speed networking provides low-latency communication between your database and other Cloud Servers

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