How to install Ubuntu Server - Step by step

Step 1 : Download latest version of Ubuntu server from official Ubuntu website

Step 2 : Once downloaded you need to create a bootable CD/DVD or Bootable USB Drive. For making USB Bootable , you could use Rufus, a light weight software.
Step 3:  Once done, put the disc in your drive, or insert the Bootable USB  Drive, Before Make sure that you set your BIOS to boot either from the CD/DVD or Bootable USB  Drive depending on which installation method you choose.
Step 4:  Once the Server booted to the Installation, Choose your operating system language.

Step 5: On next page, Select Install Ubuntu Server.

Step 6: Select the language used for the installation process

Step 7: Select your geographical location

Step 8: Configure your keyboard.

Step 9: At this step, the installation will detect and load any additional component and network hardware.

Step 10: Now Type in the host name you want to configure your server. This hostname will be used to identify your server public network instead of IP address.

Step 11: Now set username, password, Home directory encryption, Configure clock, and time zone as steps. 
Step 12: After finishing above step, now the setup will detect disks and hardware. After finishing scanning setup will display Partitioning methods where you can choose different methods. Choose default method, Guided - Use entire disk and setup LVM. 

Step 13 : Now it will display all the drives in your server and select appropriate drive and continue drive creation and finish installation.





    • 5 years ago

    Which language is using in 4th step ?

    • 5 years ago

    Which languege is asking at 4th step